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SAS Conference Scholarship Program

SAS Global Forum is the premier event for SAS professionals worldwide. This conference provides an environment filled with opportunities to enhance your SAS skills, meet and network with other SAS users from around the world, and learn about innovative new research and applications. SAS Global Forum 2017 will be held in Orlando, FL, April 2-5, 2017. A limited number of faculty and student scholarships are offered each year to attend SAS Global Forum.

SAS Global Forum Faculty Scholarship

SAS Global Forum provides a great environment to bring academia and industry together to collaborate and innovate. Faculty are at the forefront of talent development and this conference is a great place for academia and industry to connect. Faculty are encouraged to submit and present their work and bring their students to the conference as well.

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SAS Global Forum Student Scholarship

The SAS Global Forum Student Scholarship is a program to support students interested in attending SAS Global Forum and who want to further develop their SAS Skills. SAS Global Forum brings together SAS users from around the world. Attend this conference and learn more about SAS, how it's used in various industries, programs available to student SAS users, and network with other SAS users. The Student Scholarship Program does not require a presentation component. If you are ready to participate in SAS Global Forum but are not ready to be a presenter just yet, this is a great scholarship opportunity. Students who do submit content to SAS Global Forum should make sure and also apply to the SAS Student Ambassador program which is designed for student presenters.

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For more information on SAS conference scholarships for students and faculty, contact academic@sas.com