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SAS Student Ambassador Program

Present your work to a global audience at SAS Global Forum 2017

SAS Student Ambassadors

The SAS Student Ambassador Program is a competitive program designed to recognize and support students who are using SAS technologies in innovative ways that benefit their respective fields of study. Select students will be named SAS Student Ambassadors and will receive an award package which includes travel expenses and more to attend and present their research at SAS Global Forum 2017 in Orlando, FL, April 2-5, 2017. Are you the next SAS Student Ambassador?

Benefits of being a SAS Student Ambassador

SAS Student Ambassador application process

The SAS Student Ambassador application process is now closed. Winners will be notified by December.

SAS Student Ambassador Program eligibility

Degree-seeking students, graduate and undergraduate, are eligible to apply to this program. Recent graduates also may be eligible. The submitted project must have been conducted within 12 months of the submission deadline. Applicants are required to submit papers, present projects and participate in question-and-answer sessions in English so a solid command of the English language is also necessary.

SAS Student Ambassador paper authorship

Student papers with co-authors such as other students, professors, and/or persons from outside academia are permitted. However, students selected as ambassadors are required to be the primary presenter at the conference. In addition, if multiple students co-author a paper, each student must submit individual SAS Student Ambassador applications. Ambassadors are selected based upon several criteria. If a student on a paper with multiple authors is selected as an ambassador, there is no guarantee that the other authors will be selected as ambassadors. For this reason it is important you and your co-authors determine who the primary author on the paper will be and reflect that in your applications.

SAS Student Ambassador selection process

Being selected as a SAS Student Ambassador requires the applicant to submit and have content accepted at SAS Global Forum. Content submissions are judged by the SAS Global Forum conference leaders who determine what content merits acceptance for presentation. Next, the SAS Student Ambassador Program evaluates the student ambassador applications and determines who will be named SAS Student Ambassadors.

What types of projects are appropriate?

SAS Global Forum is known for providing excellent content useful to SAS users of all levels. Visit the SAS Global Forum site for more details on developing a content proposal. The site has some great information on the types of audiences and industries represented at SAS Global Forum.

Submitting more than one paper

Students can certainly submit more than one paper. If you submit more than one paper, please note you will need to complete an application to the SAS Student Ambassador Program for each submission.