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50025 - Transporting an FSVIEW formula corrupts the catalog- Problem Note

When you transport a catalog that contains an FSVIEW formula using PROC CPORT and then attempt to use that formula after importing, the formula becomes corrupted. After you import using PROC CIMPORT and attempt to use ...

http://support.sas.com/kb/50/025.html, 23KB


47226 - SAS® might stop working when scrolling the FSVIEW window on a dual-monitor system- Problem Note

SAS 9.3 might stop working when you are scrolling through the data in an FSVIEW window. This problem has been observed on Windows systems with multiple monitors. This problem happens less frequently when you do not ...

http://support.sas.com/kb/47/226.html, 22KB


41515 - Your SAS session might become unresponsive when the FSVIEW window is stretched across multiple monitors- Problem Note

If you are using a dual-monitor desktop configuration and you stretch your FSVIEW window across both monitors, then your SAS session might become unresponsive. Once you encounter this problem, your SASUSER.PROFILE ...

http://support.sas.com/kb/41/515.html, 22KB


39696 - Access Violation or format error received when accessing a SAS® 8.2 formula catalog in SAS® 9.2- Problem Note

If you attempt to load an FSVIEW formula catalog created in SAS 8.2 into SAS 9.2, you could receive one or both of the following errors: ERROR: Read Access Violation in Task [ FSVIEW ] Exception occured at (6699001E) ...

http://support.sas.com/kb/39/696.html, 23KB


39006 - NAME/LOCATE search sequence in FSEDIT causes Read Access Violation on long column- Problem Note

When attempting to use the NAME and LOCATE search sequence in FSEDIT on a column with a length greater than 200 characters, the FSEDIT window might close down with the following error written to the SAS log. ERROR: ...

http://support.sas.com/kb/39/006.html, 22KB


35154 - "INTERNAL CODING ERROR..." in FSEDIT when scrolling through data accessed with the XML LIBNAME engine- Problem Note

Some SAS® applications, including FSEDIT applications, require data to be accessed via a random access method. However, the XML LIBNAME engine allows only sequential read data access. Therefore, in FSEDIT, if you ...

http://support.sas.com/kb/35/154.html, 23KB


18155 - Unable to mark text in a field in the FSEDIT window- Problem Note

If you mark text in a field displayed in the FSEDIT window and then issue the STORE command so that you can copy and paste the text into another field, you might receive the following error after issuing the STORE ...

http://support.sas.com/kb/18/155.html, 22KB


20731 - Abend reading a FORMULA entry in a catalog defined to a SAS/SHARE® server- Problem Note

You might receive one of the following errors in the SAS® Log when you attempt to display a table in the FSVIEW window with a FORMULA entry that is stored in a catalog which is allocated through a SAS/SHARE® server: ...

http://support.sas.com/kb/20/731.html, 23KB


19606 - SAS time value with NLTIMAP informat returns missing value in FSEDIT and FSVIEW windows- Problem Note

If you modify a value of a column that has the NLTIMAP informat in the FSEDIT or FSVIEW window, the column might be assigned a missing value. You will see this with any time value you enter in a row that is either new ...

http://support.sas.com/kb/19/606.html, 22KB


19053 - Print Utilities selection missing from File menu in FSBROWSE, FSEDIT, and FSVIEW windows- Problem Note

On the mainframe and in the UNIX environments, the Print Utilities selection from the File menu is missing in the FSBROWSE, FSEDIT, and FSVIEW windows. This menu selection enables you to do a screen print. To ...

http://support.sas.com/kb/19/053.html, 20KB


14158 - Help window may not display for FSEDIT, FSVIEW, or FSLIST procedures- Problem Note

Within the FSEDIT, FSBROWSE, or FSVIEW windows in SAS/FSP Software or the FSLIST window in Base SAS Software, help information may not display if you issue the HELP command or select Help, Using This Window from the ...

http://support.sas.com/kb/14/158.html, 22KB


16316 - Window size might be limited for new fullscreen window invoked with SYSIN option- Problem Note

If you invoke SAS with the SYSIN system option or by specifying the name of a file on the SAS command (ie. SAS FILENAME) and display a new fullscreen window such as the FSEDIT or FSVIEW window or a SAS/AF FRAME entry, ...

http://support.sas.com/kb/16/316.html, 21KB


16057 - On the mainframe, SAS might hang with VAR command issued from fullscreen window- Problem Note

If you have invoked SAS on the mainframe with the V6GUIMODE system option specified, your SAS session might hang if you invoke a fullscreen procedure such as FSEDIT, FSVIEW, or BUILD with a PROC statement and then issue ...

http://support.sas.com/kb/16/057.html, 20KB


9191 - ERROR: Unable to format variable in space provided- Problem Note

In the FSVIEW window, if you attempt to view a variable whose value cannot be fully displayed, such as a character variable with a length of 200, the value of that variable may not be displayed in the FSVIEW window and ...

http://support.sas.com/kb/9/191.html, 22KB


8166 - Abend in FSVIEW when saving a data set with integrity constraint- Problem Note

If you attempt to create a new data set in the FSVIEW window via the CREATE command or the File -> Save as pmenu selection, you may experience an abend if the data set currently displayed in the FSVIEW window was opened ...

http://support.sas.com/kb/8/166.html, 22KB


40926 - A configuration failure error for the SAS® Metadata Server might occur during a planned installation of SAS® 9.2- Problem Note

During a planned installation of SAS® 9.2, a configuration failure error might occur. The error indicates that the SAS® Metadata Server could not be started and configured.

http://support.sas.com/kb/40/926.html, 50KB


38042 - Error and warning messages might write to the SAS® log after you run the migrate_template.sas program- Problem Note

Error and warning messages might write to the SAS log after you run migrate_template.sas, a validation program supplied by SAS, while you are migrating from a 32-bit Microsoft Windows system to a 64-bit ...

http://support.sas.com/kb/38/042.html, 45KB


38007 - The Configuration Failure dialog box might appear during an installation of SAS® Enterprise Miner? 6.1- Problem Note

When you are installing SAS Enterprise Miner 6.1, the Configuration Failure dialog box such as the following one might appear: The configuration failure might be caused by the configuration script occupying too much ...

http://support.sas.com/kb/38/007.html, 37KB

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