Sample: Using automation to access and modify prompt values

This example program demonstrates how to use the 4.2 SAS Enterprise Guide automation interface to access and modify the prompts for a project and a stored process within that project. The project is opened and the project prompt names and values are displayed to the user. Subsequently, the stored processes within the project are opened and their prompt names and values are then displayed.

The prompt value for the stored process is changed to 'M' (for male), the project is saved then run.

This program expects the following file to be available:

The project is called AutomationwithPrompts.egp and the prjName variable should be modified to reflect the location of this project on the machine that is running this script.

Check the attachments for the EG Project that is designed to run with this sample code.

The stored process must exist on the SAS Server and it must accept prompts for gender. This example is designed to demonstrate the use of the feature, but additional configuration is needed to run this example script.

This sample is one in a series of samples available to demonstrate some of the features of the Enterprise Guide 4.2 automation interface for Visual Basic. There is typically a great deal of additional information available in the comments of the code sample.