Sample: Accessing and Running An Ordered List by Name Using Enterprise Guide Automation

If you have an Enterprise Guide project that contains one or more ordered lists, you can use this sample script to access the list by name and run the tasks contained within the list. Modify the path and filename variables to adapt this sample to use your project.

This automation script is an example of the type of script that can be run in batch mode or scheduled to run using the Windows Scheduler facility.

Details and Limitations

This script first opens the Enterprise Guide application and identifies the project that should be opened. To run this script for your project, find the project name: ProjectWithOrderedList.egp Modify that path and filename to point to your project file.

The script will look through the project and find the Ordered Lists. Then, we run an ordered list named "List and Bar". To run your ordered list, find "List and Bar" and replace it with the name of your list.

Check the attachments for the EG Project that is designed to run with this sample code.

This sample is one in a series of samples available to demonstrate some of the features of the Enterprise Guide 4.2 automation interface for Visual Basic. There is typically a great deal of additional information available in the comments of the code sample.