SAS Global Forum 2012, Orlando, Florida, April 22-25, 2012

Welcome to the Volunteer Portion of the Call for Papers and Participation Web Application

Volunteer Opportunities

In addition to presenting papers, there are other opportunities to get involved with SAS Global Forum 2012. Session coordinators are needed. In order to qualify to be a volunteer and/or session coordinator, you must be a registered attendee and have paid the registration fee for the conference.

How to Offer to Volunteer to Be a Session Coordinator



Click the "I want to volunteer" link at the bottom of this page.



If you are new to Call for Participation, click the Setup Account button.



Complete the form and press Submit.



When the Login page returns, log on using your new Login ID and password.



If you already have a Call for Participation account:



Log on using your existing Login ID and password. (Use Password Lookup if you have forgotten your password.)



When the Login page returns, log on using your new Login ID and password.



Click the Profiles tab and update any information, especially the Volunteer Background at the bottom, and press Submit.



Under the Volunteers tab, click Add Request.



Complete the form. In the Participant Comments please include any information that will be helpful to your section chair when he or she is considering their volunteer submissions, such as your arrival time, previous commitments, etc.



Click Submit.

NOTE: Author profiles from the previous Call for Papers have been copied into this year's Call for Papers and Participation. If you submitted an abstract for any of the past several conferences, you probably already have a Profile, Login ID and Password for the system. Forgot your Login information? Try the Password Lookup.

You will have the opportunity to edit your Author Profile, Login ID and Password once you log onto the system. If you have any questions, contact SAS Global Forum or call 919.531.5001.

What Happens Next?

Based on your selections, the appropriate section chairs will be notified of your interest. In order of your choices, the section chairs will review their needs and contact you to work out possible schedules.

I want to volunteer

The application functions best using Internet Explorer. If you are using a different browser and experience difficulties, please contact SAS Global Forum to make other arrangements.

If you have a question regarding volunteering, please contact

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