SAS Global Forum 2012, Orlando, Florida, April 22-25, 2012

The Power to Present: SAS Global Forum Presenter Mentoring Program

Program Overview

As we continue to expand SAS Global Forum, we maintain a focus on attracting new presenters and providing high-quality content for our attendees. For SAS Global Forum 2012, The Power to Present is a program developed to help presenters improve the quality and content of their abstracts, papers and presentations.

  • Improve overall conference experience by enhancing the quality of presentations and published papers.
  • Expand the variety of content and pool of presenters by encouraging new people to share their knowledge, while still maintaining the quality of presentations and content.
  • Increase interaction between new attendees and frequent attendees/presenters, which will improve the overall conference experience for both groups.
"I would recommend the mentoring program to both first-timers and to conference veterans. It is a great way for first-timers to ease into giving a presentation at a SAS conference and feel that both the quality of their paper and their presentation is going to be solid. For conference veterans, it is a way to give back to the SAS conference community and to help the 'next generation' of attendees find their voice."
Michael A. Raithel
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