SAS Global Forum 2012, Orlando, Florida, April 22-25, 2012

SAS Global Forum 2012 Conference Leaders

2012 Conference Chair: Andy Kuligowski

Pre-Conference Activities / Post-Conference Activities: Marje Fecht, SAS Global Forum 2014 Chair
Volunteer Coordinator: Rick Mitchell, SAS Global Forum 2013 Chair

Technology Solutions

Applications Development: Nancy Brucken
Applied Business Intelligence: Zul Habib and Christy Hobley
Code Doctors: Christianna Williams
Coders' Corner: Sue Douglass and Erik Tilanus
Data Management: Besa Smith
Data Mining and Text Analytics: Jennifer Waller
Hands-On Workshops: Ann Stephan and Maribeth Johnson
Operations Research: Jennifer Waller
Planning and Support: MaryAnne DePesquo and Susan Fehrer
Posters: Erik Larsen and Murphy Choy
Programming: Beyond the Basics: F. Joseph Kelley and George Hurley
Programming: Foundations and Fundamentals: Derek Morgan and Patrick Thornton
Reporting and Information Visualization: Phil Holland
SAS Enterprise Guide - Implementation and Usage: Peter Eberhardt
Social Media & Networking: Stephanie Thompson
Statistics and Data Analysis: Tyler Smith and Rachael Biel
Systems Architecture and Administration: Donald (D.J.) Penix

Industry Solutions

Customer Intelligence: Harry Droogendyk
Financial Services: Phil Holland
Pharma & Healthcare Providers: MaryAnne DePesquo and Susan Fehrer
Retail: Nancy Brucken and Kevin Hofer
Travel, Hospitality & Entertainment: Harry Droogendyk

And more ...

SAS Global Forum Take-Out: Harry Droogendyk
Mentoring Program: Diana Suhr

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