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Welcome to the Call for Papers and Participation Web Application

Before you begin, please read How to Submit a Paper... and other relevant questions to find out when you will be notified if your paper is accepted as well as other important information. Then, please read this page carefully.

The author's personal information and the abstract information are separated into two entries: 1) a profile, for the author's personal information, and 2) a paper submission, for the abstract. This allows you to add your papers without having to re-enter your personal information.

NOTE: Author profiles from the previous Call for Papers have been copied into this year's Call for Papers and Participation. If you submitted an abstract or volunteered for any of the past several SAS Global Forums, you probably already have a Profile, Login ID and Password for the system. Forgot your Login information? Try the Password Lookup.

You will have the opportunity to edit your Author Profile, Login ID and Password once you log onto the system. If you have any questions, contact SAS Global Forum or call 919.531.5001.

Please write and check the spelling of your abstract, working draft and bios in a word processor before entering them into this application.

This application allows you to enter all data in lowercase letters, so please be sure to begin every word that needs to be capitalized with a capital letter.

It is not necessary to enter trademark references for SAS solutions in your submission. The submissions will be edited and trademarks will be properly acknowledged when the abstracts are published.

Before you begin filling out the forms, please gather the following information:

  • Paper title (25 words or less).
  • Abstract (25 to 125 words or less).
  • A working draft (at least 1000 words).
  • Demographic information for all authors*.
  • Biographies for all authors* (25 to 75 words each).
  • First and second paper section choices.

You are required to submit a working draft. You may do so now or at any time before Nov. 14, 2011 by simply editing your submission. However, papers without a working draft at the close of the Call for Papers will not be considered.

*Information on each author/volunteer is entered only once and retained from year to year. Therefore, you may get a message that an author profile already exists, and the system will not let you enter the author again. Take the opportunity to update those profiles through the Edit Profile function. You may specify the order of authors on papers with multiple authors – simply select the names, and use the up or down arrows to move names to the desired order.

The application functions best using Internet Explorer. If you are using a different browser and experience difficulties, please contact SAS Global Forum to make other arrangements for submitting your abstract.

If you have a question, please contact SAS Global Forum.

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SAS employees should not submit using this website

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