SAS Global Forum 2012, Orlando, Florida, April 22-25, 2012

Call for Papers and Participation

Paper presentations are an invaluable part of what has made SAS Global Forum a focal point of knowledge and learning within the SAS community for more than three decades. They offer a fantastic way to not only gain recognition for your expertise among fellow SASŪ professionals, but also create a dialogue with your peers and colleagues. Attendees can benefit directly from your paper presentation by applying your perspectives and ideas to their own work.

Benefits of Submitting a Paper

Here are just a few of the reasons why submitting a paper will benefit you, your organization and the SAS community.

Conference Sections

Call for papers sections are classified under two primary categories:

  • Technology Solutions. Experts share insights on the in-depth aspects of SAS software, including programming techniques, technical features, and innovative and practical applications.
  • Industry Solutions. Business and industry leaders share strategies and best practices about how to solve industry-specific challenges.

Learn more about the specific conference sections within each category and the types of papers being solicited.

Contributed Papers

Please submit an abstract and working draft of your proposed paper or poster by using the application available on this site. The deadline for contributed submission abstracts and working drafts is Monday, Nov. 14.

Invited Papers

In order to submit an invited paper, you need an invitation code from the section chair extending the invitation. If you have any questions about the invitation code, contact the appropriate section chair. Those invited to submit papers do not need to submit a working draft, but do need to submit an abstract. The deadline for submitting invited paper abstracts is Monday, Nov. 14.

How to Edit and View Your Submissions

The Call for Papers may have closed, but you will be able to view or edit your submission again. This is also where you can upload your paper, copyright grant, and slides beginning in January. NOTE: Do not use the Add link to upload - use Edit.

To find out when you will be notified whether your paper has been accepted, please read

View/Edit Submission

Go to Call for Papers Instructions

NOTE: This application requires Internet Explorer. If you use another browser, or experience difficulties, contact SAS Global Forum to make other arrangements for submitting your abstract.

A directory of conference leaders is available. Please feel free to contact the conference leaders directly if you have any questions.

SAS employees should not submit using this website.

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