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Post-Conference Seminar*

photo of Walter W. Stroup photo of Ramon C. Littell
A Generalized Linear Mixed Model Perspective on the Design and Analysis of Experiments

Ramon C. Littell and Walter W. Stroup

Thursday, April 7, 1:30 - 5 p.m.

In the 1970's, when SAS was pioneering linear model software, the term "linear model" would have meant "the 'general' linear model" and PROC GLM. The past 40 years have seen successive incorporation of random model effects (PROC MIXED) and non-normal data (PROC GENMOD). Now, "linear model" has evolved to mean the "generalized linear mixed model" and PROC GLIMMIX. With this transition, the tools available and many of the issues involved in employing them have changed dramatically. Experiments with clustering, repeated measures and split-plot structure, for non-normal (e.g. proportions and counts) as well as normal data illustrate the changes that have occurred. These changes affect the way we need to think about design as well as analysis of experiments.

Ramon C. Littell is Professor Emeritus of Statistics, University of Florida, where he taught and conducted research from 1970 through 2007, and is now Associate Consultant at Info Tech in Gainesville, FL. He co-authored several books on using SAS for statistical data analysis, including "SAS for Linear Models, 4th ed", "SAS for Regresson, 3rd ed", and "SAS for Mixed Models". Professor Littell authored or co-authored articles in statistical and other subject matter journals, and presented numerous workshops on SAS at universities, corporations, and government agencies. He is an ASA Fellow, received a Professional Excellence Program Award at UF, and a Distinguished Alumnus Award from Emporia State University.

Walter W. Stroup is Professor of Statistics; University of Nebraska.He was founding chair of the Department of Statistics and served as chair from 2001-2010. He co-authored "SAS for Mixed Models and SAS for Linear Models, 4th ed". He has conducted numerous short courses worldwide on mixed and generalized linear models for industry and professional organizations. He is an ASA Fellow and was honored with Product Quality Research Institute's 2009 Excellence in Research award.

* NOTE: This is an extra-fee event.

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