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24440 - Available documentation and instructional resources for SAS/AF® software- Usage Note

This is a summary of resources available for SAS/AF software. This listing includes SAS Global Forum papers, classroom courses offered by SAS Education, and documentation offered by SAS Publishing.

http://support.sas.com/kb/24/440.html, 24KB


34531 - How to Pass Parameters to a SAS/AF® Application via the AF Command- Sample

This sample explains how to use SCL list functions to make parameters that are passed on the AF command available to user-written applications.

http://support.sas.com/kb/34/531.html, 27KB


38706 - Sorting the columns of a table viewer control within a SAS/AF® frame- Sample

In SAS/AF, you can use the table viewer control to display the contents of a model such as the SAS Data Set model. This sample shows you how to enable users to sort the contents displayed in the viewer by clicking on ...

http://support.sas.com/techsup/notes/v8/38/706.html, 25KB


8498 - Sample library programs for SAS/AF, SAS/FSP, and SCL have been removed- Usage Note

In SAS 8 and future releases of the SAS System, the sample library programs for SAS/AF, SAS/FSP, and SAS Component Language (SCL) are no longer available in the sample library directory. These include the files AF01 and ...

http://support.sas.com/techsup/notes/v8/8/498.html, 21KB


25963 - How to invoke a SAS/AF application and bypass SAS Display Manager System (DMS) windows- Sample

This sample details how you can invoke a SAS/AF application and bypass the SAS Display Manager System (DMS) windows.

http://support.sas.com/techsup/notes/v8/25/963.html, 26KB


26043 - How to display web content within a SAS/AF Frame- Sample

This sample describes how to use the OLE - Insert Object to include a Web Browser Control within a SAS/AF Frame.

http://support.sas.com/techsup/notes/v8/26/043.html, 22KB


43094 - Displaying an image for the background of a SAS/AF® FRAME entry- Sample

To display an image in a SAS/AF FRAME entry, you can use the Image Viewer control. In order to specify an image as the background of the frame itself, you can fill the master region of the frame with the Image Viewer ...

http://support.sas.com/kb/43/094.html, 24KB


34593 - Retrieving an error message generated by a SAS/AF® FRAME entry and displaying in a Message Box- Sample

This sample illustrates how to retrieve the SAS error message generated by your FRAME entry using SCL code. The error message will then be displayed in a message box to present to the user.

http://support.sas.com/kb/34/593.html, 24KB


37005 - Subsetting data based on a selected cell in the SAS/AF® Table Viewer- Sample

The SAS/AF Table Viewer has several options for applying a subset to the displayed data. This sample explains how a programmer can add a few methods that will enable users to select a value from the display and apply ...

http://support.sas.com/kb/37/005.html, 31KB

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