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A Corporate Checklist for Data Warehousing Success

Data Warehousing is indispensable for business management, since this strategy supports the creativity and individuality of decision makers throughout your enterprise.

As a business leader, you never stop optimizing and improving different areas of your business, both to increase competitiveness and assure profitability. The successful approach to data warehousing follows this same approach: identifying the business areas or processes that have the most positive impact on the strategic long-term goals and vision of your organization...and then optimizing their effective use.

SAS Institute suggests that this be the first objective in your corporate data warehousing project. Each point on the following Corporate Checklist is designed to assist you in meeting this objective.

You have now selected the business area, the topics, and areas of comparison for your initial data warehousing project. This information will also assist you in gaining commitment within your organization for the data warehousing project.

The process of growing and extending a data warehouse is never ending, just as your organization never stops growing and changing. It is very important, however, to choose an initial list of items for your first data warehousing project that can show immediate benefit for your company.