Custom Dimensions Table

A custom dimensions table defines the dimensions of a transaction. A definition table must be loaded for each dimension that will be used in the model and in the transaction tables. A custom dimensions table contains the following columns with a maximum field length as noted:

Name Maximum Field Length Description
ID Char 32

The name of this column must be ID.

The content is the identifying value for the region. The content must be unique and match the dimension value fields in all transaction tables

L1_Area Char 32 Top-level dimension member value (for example, EMEA)
L2_Country Char 32 Second-level dimension member value (for example, Great Britain)
L3_State Char 32 Third-level dimension member value (for example, Sussex)
L4_City Char 32 Fourth-level dimension member value (for example, East Sussex)

A custom dimensions table must conform to the following rules:


The following picture shows the mapping from a sample transaction table to different custom dimensions tables:

Channel Dimensions Table

Customer Dimensions Table

Customer-Type Dimensions Table

Product Dimensions Table

Region Dimensions Table