8. Define a Report Layout

A report layout table defines the calculation formula for the profit and loss report, and it specifies what levels from the report hierarchy are to appear on the initial display of a report. A report hierarchy can have multiple report layouts so that you can create different reports from the same data.

To define a report layout:

  1. Select a model.
  2. Click the Report Layouts tab in the Reports workspace.
  3. Select a hierarchy. Each hierarchy can have one or more layouts.
  4. Click New report layout (or select File New Report Layout).

The Add Report Layout window opens.

  1. Name the layout. The name must be unique within a hierarchy, but you can use the same name in different hierarchies.
  2. Click Select, and select the table that defines the report layout.

    Note: The report layout must be compatible with its report hierarchy.
  3. Click Finish.

    The report layout is added to the model.


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