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In your project, you have the Products table. The table contains the following 10 columns:

Column Description
ProductID Numeric ID of the product
ProductName Name of the product
SupplierID Numeric ID of the supplier
CategoryID Numeric ID of the product category
QuantityPerUnit Quantity of items per unit
UnitPrice Retail price of each unit
UnitsInStock Number of units in stock
UnitsOnOrder Number of units on order
ReorderLevel Number of units in stock that signals reorder
Discontinued Number to signal when a product is discontinued

Suppose that the specialty foods store wants to have an inventory reduction sale, and you need a report that shows the inventory on hand for each product, arranged by category. The report must display the product name, category number, unit price, and number of units in stock. You can use the List Report wizard to create a report that contains this information.

Listing report for the Products data
Click to view the full window.

Next you select the Products data and open the List Report wizard.

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