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After you have data in your project, you can create reports and run analytical procedures on the data. To do this, you select a SAS task from the Tasks pane of the navigation area or from the Tasks menu in the data grid toolbar. Some tasks have wizards to guide you through the decisions that you need to make. Wizards are available from menus or from the Tasks pane.

In SAS Enterprise Guide, task windows have a common format, so once you are familiar with running one task, running other tasks is easy.

    Note If you also have access to SAS Studio 3.7 or later, you can also access tasks from SAS Studio Enterprise Edition or the SAS Studio Single User Edition. In this tutorial, you will use only the built-in tasks that are shipped with SAS Enterprise Guide. You can determine which tasks are built-in by placing your mouse pointer over the task name and viewing the flyout window. The built-in tasks have a type of "Built-in."

Using Tasks in SAS Enterprise Guide

Click the Back and Next buttons to see the features of a typical task window. You can also see a text-only version of the information.

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Next you learn about creating a List Data report from your data.

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