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Learning the Basics of SAS Enterprise Guide

Welcome to the Getting Started tutorial for SAS Enterprise Guide. As you complete the topics in this tutorial, you will learn to use the main features of SAS Enterprise Guide. You should complete the topics in order.

SAS Enterprise Guide includes sample data that you will use as you work through this tutorial. In the sample data directory there are three data files that contain data from a specialty foods store:

Products a SAS data set that has data for products
Orders a SAS data set that has data for product sales
FixWidth a text file that has data for product categories

Using this data, you will run analyses and create reports that show product inventory, sales, and profit.

Reports and charts made in this tutorial

As you work through the tutorial, you will learn to do the following:

  • create and save projects
  • add SAS data to a project
  • import data from a text file
  • create and modify a list report
  • create a bar chart and a pie chart
  • use a query to join tables
  • use a query to create a computed column
  • generate a table of summary statistics
  • run a linear model analysis on your data
  • create a program and link it to query data
  • copy objects to a new process flow

In order to complete all of the topics in the tutorial, you must license the following SAS software products:

  • Base SAS

First you learn a little about the relationship between SAS Enterprise Guide and SAS software.

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