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In this tutorial, you started by adding data, then you created some reports and ran some analyses, you combined two other reports into a single report, and finally you created a program. SAS Enterprise Guide automatically updates the process flow with each addition that you make to your project.

Review the process flow that you created in this tutorial. Although this tutorial is based on sample data that does not change, the reports that you create will probably be based on data that is updated regularly. After you set up the reports and analyses that you want to run on your data, you can run a process flow again to get the most up-to-date results. You can also schedule a process flow or project to run at a specified time.

Process Flow window with analyses and reports
Click to view the full window.

When you add tasks to your project, SAS Enterprise Guide automatically creates a new object in the process flow and links it to the data that is used in the task. However, when you add a program to your project, a link is not automatically created. The program that you just created must run after the data set is created by the Query Builder. You can use the process flow to create a link between the program and the data set that is created by the Query Builder to ensure that the program runs only after the data set is created.

Next you link the program to the Query Builder.

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