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In addition to using tasks and wizards in SAS Enterprise Guide, you can also write programs using the program editor. The program editor includes many features to help make it easier for you to write and edit programs.

One of the first things you will notice while you use the program editor is the automatic syntax completion feature. When you start typing a SAS keyword, such as a PROC statement or an option, you are presented with a list of possible keywords that you can use to complete the word. The program editor can complete keywords that are associated with almost any SAS language element, including libraries and SAS data sets. In addition to inserting the keyword in the program, you can also insert the keyword followed by a space, an equal sign, or a punctuation symbol, such as a semicolon or period.

Program editor window
Click to view the full window.

In addition, as you move your mouse pointer over valid SAS keywords in a program, you will notice that the program editor also displays brief SAS syntax documentation in a tooltip-style window. While this information is not as comprehensive as the SAS Product Documentation, it can get you started with a hint about the syntax or a brief description of a keyword.

The program editor also includes features to automatically format your code, match parentheses, and analyze the contents of a program.

In this topic, you learn to use the autocompletion and syntax help features as you create a program to see what the most profitable items in your inventory are.

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