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This tutorial has introduced you to some of the main features of SAS Enterprise Guide. What you want to learn next depends on how you will be using the software. Remember that extensive help is available from the SAS Enterprise Guide Help menu.

Additional Training

SAS Self-Paced e-Learning provides immediate access to many Web-based lessons and courses that you can take using SAS Enterprise Guide. Go to the SAS Enterprise Guide category to find advanced lessons on querying, reporting, and statistical analyses. There are also lessons on stored processes and the OLAP analyzer in the Business Intelligence category.

If you want to learn SAS programming, you can use SAS Enterprise Guide to take lessons in the SAS Programming and Certification categories.

The list of instructor-based SAS Enterprise Guide courses includes both classroom and Live Web classes on topics such as querying and reporting, statistical analyses, and customizing results.



End of Lesson

You've finished the Getting Started with SAS Enterprise Guide tutorial!

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