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DataFlux Data Management Studio 2.5: User Guide

Adding Custom SAP Connections

You can use the Custom Connection dialog to add a user-defined connection to an SAP system. This connection could be used as the data source for the SAP Remote Function Call node, a data job node. SAP libraries (DLLs) must be installed on all computers where this custom connection is used. For more information, see Error: "Unable to load extension: (tkesapf)" when connecting to an SAP System.

Perform the following steps to add a user-defined connection to an SAP system:

  1. Click the Data riser on the DataFlux Data Management Studio desktop.
  2. Expand the Data Connections folder.
  3. Select the New Data Connection menu in the Data Connections pane on the right. Then select Custom Connection to display the Custom Connection dialog.
  4. Enter the connection string into the Custom connection field. Specify values for the attributes that are shown in the example connection string.

  5. Test the connection by clicking Test Connection.
  6. Click OK to save the new connection and return to the Data riser.
  7. Refresh the Data riser in order to see the new connection in the Data Connections folder in the left pane. Select View, and then select Refresh from the main menu. The new connection should appear in the Data Connections folder.
  8. To verify a connection, double-click the connection in the Data Connections folder in the left pane. Enter any required credentials. If the connection works, you will be able to see tables, fields, and other attributes in the right panel.

Administrators can specify where custom connections are stored. For more information, see the User saved connection setting in the "Data Access Component Directives" topic in the DataFlux Data Management Studio Installation and Configuration Guide.

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