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SAS AppDev Studio and SAS Wireless Technologies

The market for network-connected devices continues to grow at an enormous rate. New classes of devices such as smart cellular telephones, pagers, and PDAs are becoming more prolific, and these devices are becoming increasingly interconnected with corporate information delivery.

SAS Wireless Technologies extend information delivery, as well as advanced data, decision support and communication functionality to hand-held devices. This provides truly mobile access to the information you need - helping you make better decisions using simple, lightweight devices such cell phones, pagers and handheld PCs. SAS AppDev Studio enables you to quickly develop applications for wireless devices.

Wireless Application Protocol (WAP)

WAP is a set of communication protocols that allows wireless communication devices to send and receive information over the Internet. SAS Wireless Technologies take advantage of the emerging WAP standard and allow for the creation of Wireless Markup Language (WML) output. Using WML, you can access SAS' remote computing abilities, including complex data analysis, retrieval and processing, and deliver the results to WAP-enabled devices anywhere in the world.

Wireless Information Delivery to Any Device

WAP was the first, and currently is the most popular, protocol for delivering wireless information in Europe. Its popularity is growing in North America and other areas as well. However, SAS' open architecture offers the flexibility to deliver HTTP content to other protocols, including

Creating WML Applications

WML can integrate with existing applications to send static output to wireless devices, or it can create dynamic applications that enable users to interact with the information, make queries and run reports directly from their handheld devices. SAS AppDev Studio software delivers a complete stand-alone development environment for the creation of WML applications, providing the flexibility and the right tools for the task. From WML support in the SAS Output Delivery System (ODS) to Java Beans that produce smart mark-up, SAS AppDev Studio includes mechanisms for enabling WML output.

Nokia Activ Server

To further speed the development of WAP-enabled applications, Nokia provides a free trial of the Nokia Activ Server along with free use of their Mobile Internet Toolkit. These enable SAS AppDev Studio users to immediately test their wireless applications.

For more information, see Nokia on the Web at