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webAF Software

webAF software is an integrated visual development environment that enables you to rapidly build Java applications, applets, Web applications, and classes using a drag-and-drop object-oriented interface that reduces the amount of programming needed.

webAF software helps you build applications that are easy to manage and that instantly connect to SAS software. Support for creating and debugging servlets and JavaServer Pages is also provided. webAF software's component-based visual development environment provides easy access to SAS software from Java classes, transparent access to SAS/AF objects, access to tables and MDDBs, and access to SAS computing power through procedure submissions. With webAF software you have

webAF software creates 100% Java applets and applications without hidden tags or macros, so it's easy to integrate code from other application development tools. webAF software also integrates Java-based applications that are not associated with SAS. webAF provides a simple point-and-click development environment, using industry-standard GUIs, which reduce training costs and add consistency to your organization's information access.

webAF features include


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