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SAS Integration Technologies

SAS Integration Technologies provides you with the enabling software to build a secure client-server infrastructure on which to implement SAS distributed processing solutions. With SAS Integration Technologies, you can integrate SAS with other applications in your enterprise; provide proactive delivery of information from SAS throughout the enterprise; extend the capabilities of SAS to meet your organization's specific needs; and develop your own distributed applications that leverage the analytic and reporting powers of SAS.

SAS AppDev Studio takes advantage of the SAS Integration Technologies infrastructure by providing access to Integrated Object Model (IOM) servers. IOM provides distributed object interfaces for conventional SAS features. This enables you to write applets, stand-alone applications, servlets, JavaServer Pages, and even Enterprise JavaBeans that interact with IOM servers. By supporting industry standards like CORBA and Java Database Connectivity (JDBC), the Integration Technologies software enables you to develop component-based applications that integrate SAS features into your enterprise application.

For more information, see the SAS Integration Technologies software product page.