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SAS/IntrNet Software

SAS/IntrNet software is a powerful set of Common Gateway Interface (CGI) and Java tools that enable you to analyze and report on data, using the proven functionality of SAS.

SAS/IntrNet software provides remote access to your organization's data and brings the computing power of SAS to any desktop, regardless of whether SAS is installed on the desktop or on a central server platform.

You might need to use different pieces of SAS/IntrNet software depending on the AppDev Studio technology that you use. For example, if you create CGI applications, you can use the Application Dispatcher and place the Application Dispatcher Broker on your Web server. You can also install htmSQL to perform SQL queries and updates through a Web interface. If you create Java applications, you can use the SAS/CONNECT driver for Java. You might also deploy one of the working applications that are shipped with SAS/IntrNet, such as the HTML/CGI-based MDDB Report Viewer.

For more information, see the SAS/IntrNet software product page.