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SAS/AF Software

SAS/AF software provides the back-end strength that enables you to implement object-oriented server components. Using SAS Component Language (SCL) to take advantage of the full features of SAS software, you can build models that execute on the server.

You can then use these SAS/AF models in AppDev Studio by associating them with appropriate InformationBeans, or you can use them in conjunction with an application that sends its output through the Application Dispatcher.

You can also use SAS/AF software to develop stand-alone, full-client applications that are portable across many host platforms. SAS/AF software includes an integrated visual programming environment for SAS that enables you to rapidly build applications that take advantage of other SAS products and features using a drag-and-drop, object-oriented interface that minimizes programming.

SAS/AF enables you to:

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Technical Papers

Exploiting SAS/AF Models on Servers with COM Clients
This presentation provides an explanation of how COM-based applications can access SAS/AF objects implemented in SCL on various server platforms.

Distributed Applications with SAS/AF Software on Client and Server
This presentation provides an explanation of the creation of SAS/AF applications on the client being used to access remote server models

Using the SAS/AF Print Manager Class to Enhance Printing of a Data Table Object
This paper shows how to use the Print Manager Class in SAS/AF Version 8 (or greater) to enhance the printed output from a data table object.