What's New in Base SAS 9.3 Help


Base SAS enables you to view online Help in your windowing environment. You can access Help for each window. Links in the documentation take you to related topics. You can also click the links in the table of contents to view topics of interest.

New Features

The following new features are available:
  • In the Preferences dialog box, the Use ODS Graphics check box was added to the Results tab. Selecting this box enables you to automatically generate graphs when running procedures that support ODS graphics.
  • Display Format Attributes, which enables you to view the attributes of a format in a library, was added to the Explorer window documentation.

Documentation Enhancements

The following enhancements were made to Base SAS Help for the windowing environment:
  • The EXPROOT command, which opens the Explore From Here window, was added to the list of SAS commands.
  • The WPGM command, which opens the Enhanced Editor, was added to the list of SAS commands. This command is available in the Windows operating environment only.