What’s New in SAS Enterprise Miner 7.1 M1


SAS Enterprise Miner 7.1M1 is a maintenance release for the SAS 9.3 system. This release updates and improves many aspects of the software and introduces a new set of changes and enhancements. It is recommended that customers apply the maintenance release to receive the best user experience.
The first maintenance release of SAS Enterprise Miner 7.1 includes the following new features and enhancements:
  • support for high-performance data mining
  • a new incremental response node
  • enhancements to these nodes
    • Scorecard Node in Credit Scoring
    • Interactive Group node
    • Ratemaking node
    • Survival node
    • Multiplot node
  • changes to the EM migration macro
  • a new procedure for PMML scoring

Support for High-Performance Data Mining

SAS has invested in developing a key set of statistical and data mining tasks that execute on a dedicated high performance appliance. The software will distribute data, memory, and computations over a grid of systems producing dramatic improvements in large data scalability and run times. SAS Enterprise Miner 7.1M1 uses the SAS High Performance system for building predictive models. New procedures cover data binning, imputation, sampling, decisions, logistic and linear regressions, neural networks, random forests, scoring and transformations. New nodes integrate those functions into the Enterprise Miner environment. Contact your SAS sales team for more information.

New Incremental Response Node

A new Incremental Response Node introduces modeling the marginal effect of a treatment on individual outcomes. The model answers questions such as which customers are more likely to purchase only due to a new sales campaign, rather than customers who would have purchased without the campaign. These customers are known as true responders. This new tool is experimental in this release.

Enhanced Nodes

Scorecard Node in Credit Scoring

The Scorecard Node adds the Accuracy Ratio to fit statistics and the corresponding Accuracy Profile Chart.

Interactive Grouping Node

The user interface for the Interactive Grouping Node has been redesigned. The coarse detail and fine detail tabs have been consolidated to a single tab. This consolidation allows users to see and edit the relevant information without having to toggle between tabs.

Ratemaking Node

A new property can be used to set the reference level for each variable and report the 95% Wald Confidence Limits in the Parameter Estimates table. The Relativity Plots include a new line band plot in which the upper and lower bound confidence intervals are displayed.

Survival Node

Users can now choose to enter the cubic spline basis functions as part of the stepwise variable selection procedure in addition to the main effects.

Multiplot Node

This node has been modified to provide an auto scroll function for plots. The node will automatically create plots for all input and target variables in your data set. The new control helps users cycle through the plots automatically to search for interesting patterns and relationships.

EM Migration Macro

The behavior of the project migration macros has changed to make processing project data views optional. This avoids some situations that can display errors in the log that are not important to the project file migration process.

PMML Scoring

A new procedure is available for scoring data based on models saved as PMML documents. PMML is a multi-vendor standard for encoding data mining models and is most used in scoring processes. This feature is experimental in this release. Contact SAS Technical Support for more information.