What's New

What's New in SAS 9.2 OpenVMS Companion


The following features are new or enhanced for SAS 9.2:

The SAS Remote Browser

The SAS Remote Browser displays the following HTML documents in the default Web browser on your local computer:

By displaying these HTML documents locally, you have faster access to the documentation. In addition, you free resources on the SAS server that were used by Netscape. You configure remote browsing using the HELPBROWSER=, HELPHOST= and HELPPORT= system options.

For more information, see Viewing Output and Help in the SAS Remote Browser.

Update to the CONCUR Engine

Beginning with SAS 9.2, phase 2, the CONCUR engine reads only SAS data sets that are aligned by data type. Data sets that were created with the CONCUR engine before SAS 9.2, phase 2, are unaligned. These data sets must be aligned to be read e CONCUR engine in SAS 9.2, phase 2, or later. For more information, see Reading Aligned and Unaligned Data Sets.

SAS Language Elements


The following command has been enhanced:


The following functions have been enhanced:


The following procedure has been renamed:


The following statements have been enhanced:

System Options

The following system option is new:

The following system options have been enhanced:

The following system options are no longer specific to OpenVMS; see these system options in SAS Language Reference: Dictionary:

The following system options are obsolete: