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New Products in SAS 9.2: SAS Data Surveyor for Salesforce.com

A new SAS data surveyor is available to access data from the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software vendor Salesforce.com.

The new SAS data surveyor for Salesforce.com and certain current SAS data surveyors operate in a new way in SAS 9.2.
SAS has partnered with Composite Software, Inc. to provide customers with access to data from CRM and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system software vendors. The following SAS data surveyors have the new functionality:

Composite Software provides the Composite Information Server and Application Data Services that customize the Composite Information Server's access to the ERP or CRM data source.

For more information, see the following documentation:

SAS Data Surveyor for SAP 4.3 is enhanced in SAS 9.2, but SAP data is not accessed through Composite Software.