What's New

What's New in SAS Management Console 9.2


SAS Management Console has the following new features and enhancements:

Folders View

The Folders view displays the folders that are used to store SAS metadata objects. The objects that are contained in the folders are the same objects that are displayed in the Plug-Ins tab under individual plug-ins. Folders are provided for individual users, for shared data, for system use, and for specific SAS products. The Folders view also enables you to export and import SAS packages and to create new stored processes.

Server Monitoring

When you connect to server objects in the Plug-Ins view, additional tabs might appear in the display area for the object you select. These tabs enable you to access the server monitoring functions for the connected server or spawner. These functions provide information about the server or server component (for example, displaying the log for a server or the clients for a metadata server). The server monitoring tabs that are available differ depending on the type of server and server component to which you are connected.

Server Validation

Selecting the Validate action for a logical server definition attempts to establish a connection to the server. If a connection is established, additional actions (such as submitting SAS code to the sever, retrieving the metadata repositories, or accessing a database) are performed, depending on the server type.

Server Control

You can stop, resume, pause, and quiesce some types of servers and spawners. You must first connect to the server or spawner.

Metadata Analysis and Repair

The Metadata Analysis and Repair function analyzes your metadata for problems and repairs the problems that are found. The analysis tools provided are:

New and Revised Resource Templates

Resource templates have been added for these library and server types:

Other library and server resource templates have been revised. For details about the information required for each resource template, see the online Help for the resource template.

Visual Flow Editor

The visual flow editor in the Schedule Manager plug-in enables you to visualize the structure of a flow and see how the dependencies and jobs connect with one another. You can use the editor to:

Plug-In Manager

The Plug-In Manager plug-in enables you to select which plug-ins use role-based access. Role-based access enables you to specify which plug-ins are available for each SAS Management Console user, based on the user's role. You can also specify that the default behavior is to not load plug-ins unless the user's role specifically allows it.

Role Support

The User Manager plug-in adds support for roles. A role manages the availability of application features such as menu items, and any user who is a member of a role has all of that role's capabilities.

Stored Processes and Prompts

In the second maintenance release for SAS 9.2, the following enhancements were made to the macro variables that are generated from prompts:

For more information, see SAS Stored Processes: Developer’s Guide.

BI Lineage Plug-In

In the October 2010 release of SAS Management Console, the new BI Lineage plug-in was added. This plug-in scans the BI objects in a selected subset of the SAS Folders Tree and determines the connections between these objects. You can choose any object in the scan and view the lineage or the reverse lineage for the object. A lineage consists of other objects that contribute to the selected BI object. These objects could cause a change in the selected object if any of them change. A reverse lineage consists of other objects within the scope of the scan that use information from the selected BI object. These are objects that could be affected if the selected object changes. You can view a lineage or reverse lineage as a tree view or in a process flow diagram.