What's New

What's New in SAS/ACCESS 4.3 Interface to R/3


The SAS/ACCESS Interface to R/3 provides a read-only engine for using SAS to access data in your SAP R/3 or SAP BW system. SAS/ACCESS Interface to R/3 has the following changes and enhancements:

Note:   The changes discussed here are from SAS/ACCESS 4.3 Interface to R/3 and later.  [cautionend]

Authorization Checks for Business Information Warehouse Objects

SAS provides a set of Business Add-Ins (BAdI) that the SAP LIBNAME engine uses to perform authorization checks for BW and BI objects. The authorization checks are enabled or disabled by activating or deactivating the BAdIs. The authorization check implementation depends on the SAP release:

Enhanced CALLRFC Procedure

The CALLRFC procedure DESCRIBE FUNCTION statement is enhanced to retrieve information about the expected SAS data type, length, and format of the data sets and parameters.


This new option enables retrieving user identity credentials from a SAS Metadata Server, when SAS/ACCESS Interface to R/3 is used in a metadata environment.

Secure Network Communication for Single Sign-on

Secure network communication (SNC) enables secure communication between the SAP LIBNAME engine and the SAP System. SNC can be configured to provide single sign-on.

SAS RFC Server Changes

A SAS RFC Server was needed in previous releases to enable communication between the SAP LIBNAME engine and the SAP System. The SAS RFC Server required administration to start and stop, as well as configuration. In SAS/ACCESS 4.3 Interface to R/3, the SAP LIBNAME engine communicates directly with the SAP System, removing the need for a SAS RFC Server. However, a SAS RFC Server is needed for z/OS.