SAS BI Portlets

Post-Configuration Steps for SAS BI Portlets

Use the following table to determine what (if any) post-configuration steps you need to complete for the installation and configuration of SAS BI Portlets, which became available between the second and third maintenance releases for SAS 9.2. The post-configuration steps that you need to complete vary depending on whether your site has already deployed these portlets.
When Post-Configuration Steps Are Required
Update Scenario
Are Post-Configuration Steps Required?
SAS BI Portlets are already installed and configured at your site.
SAS BI Portlets will be updated and configured appropriately when you apply the third maintenance release for SAS 9.2.
SAS BI Portlets are not installed and configured at your site.
Yes, if your software order prior to 10w46.
After you apply the third maintenance release for SAS 9.2, you need to run the SAS Deployment Wizard to install and configure SAS BI Portlets as new software. For more information, see “Adding SAS Products” and “Configuring SAS Products” in the SAS Intelligence Platform: Installation and Configuration Guide.
Note: If your software order is from 10w46 or later, then you do not need to perform any post-configuration steps.
You are upgrading from SAS BI Portlets 4.2 to SAS BI Portlets 4.3.
For more information about how to upgrade to this new release, see SAS BI Portlets 4.3.