SAS Merchandise Intelligence 4.2_M1

In February 2011, SAS shipped SAS Merchandise Intelligence 4.2_M1, which includes maintenance releases of these products:
  • SAS Revenue Optimization 4.2_M1
    • SAS Regular Price Optimization 4.2_M1
    • SAS Promotion Optimizaton 4.2_M1
    • SAS Markdown Optimization 4.2_M1
  • SAS Size Optimization 2.2_M1
    • SAS Pack Optimization 2.2_M1
    • SAS Size Profiling 2.2_M1
For more information about how to request this maintenance release and the features that are available, contact your SAS account representative.
For instructions on how to install the maintenance release, see the product documentation at
Note: The product documentation is available only to customers who license a SAS Merchandise Intelligence solution.