Additional Resources

Resources for New Features and Enhancements

To identify all of the updates in a maintenance release or a new product release, use this document in conjunction with the following documents and SAS Web sites:
  • The Issues Addressed Web site for SAS 9.2 maintenance releases is compiled by SAS Technical Support and lists the specific problems that were fixed in the second and third maintenance releases for SAS 9.2. (The first maintenance release was a localization-only release, and no specific problems were fixed.) Customers who want to review a summary of all the issues that were addressed for a SAS product should review this Web site.
  • What's New in SAS 9.2 describes new features and enhancements to products that are available in SAS 9.2. The What's New documentation is cumulative and is updated whenever there is an update of a SAS product. Review the What's New topics for your products whenever you receive a product update.
  • SAS 9.2 product-specific documents, such as a product's Help or user's guide, provide detailed information about how to use the new features and enhancements.
To access these documents and SAS Web sites, see

Other Required Documentation

Often, this document refers you to other SAS documentation for conceptual information or additional steps. Here is the other documentation that you will need to complete the steps for applying a maintenance release or upgrading to a new product:
  • SAS Intelligence Platform: Installation and Configuration Guide
  • SAS Intelligence Platform: System Administration Guide
  • SAS Intelligence Platform: Web Application Administration Guide