SAS Human Capital Management 5.2

About This Release

In October 2010, SAS shipped SAS Human Capital Management 5.2. For more information about how to request this new release and the features that are available, contact your SAS account representative.

Upgrading to SAS Human Capital Management 5.2

To upgrade to SAS Human Capital Management 5.2, run the SAS Deployment Wizard. This wizard automatically detects if there are SAS software products in your order that are more recent than the products you have deployed on your machine. For example, if your order includes a new release of SAS Solutions Services, SAS Human Capital Management, and SAS Strategy Management, then all of these products are upgraded when you run the SAS Deployment Wizard. You do not need to run the SAS Deployment Wizard separately for each product upgrade. Also, if you have not applied the third maintenance release for SAS 9.2, then these updates are installed as well. If your SAS order contains any new products that were not in your current deployment, you must rerun the SAS Deployment Wizard to add the new products to your deployment.
For instructions on how to upgrade to SAS Human Capital Management 5.2, see Upgrading SAS Products. For additional information, see the product documentation at
After the upgrade is complete, review the UpdateInstructions.html file. For SAS Human Capital Management, you should see the following statement:
Product Upgrade The product has been upgraded from Version 5.1 to Version 5.2.

Updating Favorites in Your Web Browser

After the deployment of this new release, you must change 5.1 to 5.2 in the resolved URL that you use to open the product. The updated URL is http://server:port/SASLogon/index.jsp?_sasapp=Human+Cap+Mgmt+5.2&.
If you saved the URL for the 5.1 release as a Favorites link in a Web browser, then this link is broken when you upgrade to the 5.2 release. You must re-create this favorite for the 5.2 release. You can also access SAS Human Capital Management 5.2 by using this unresolved link: http://server:port/SASPortal.