If you did not manually configure your Web application servers, then when you apply the third maintenance release for SAS 9.2, SAS automatically configures your Web application servers. However, depending on your site, you might need to manually complete some additional configuration steps.
For example, some SAS applications use Java Messaging Service (JMS) facilities when sending messages. If you want to secure these messages to prevent unauthorized access, then you must complete the steps for setting JMS security. If you do not set JMS security, then these messages can be intercepted by unauthorized applications.
For instructions on these optional steps for your Web application server, see the following topics:
Note: If you manually configured your Web application servers in your initial deployment, then complete the steps in the UpdateInstructions.html file to correctly apply the third maintenance release and to redeploy the SAS Web applications.
Note: You can deploy many of the Web applications in SAS Enterprise BI Server to a Web-application server cluster. To obtain the latest documentation about how to deploy SAS applications to a server cluster, see SAS Note 37310 at http://support.sas.com/kb/37/310.html and contact SAS Technical Support.