SAS Drivers for ODBC

Product Release Number

After you apply the third maintenance release, the Deployment Summary lists the product release number for SAS Drivers for ODBC as 9.23. For more information, see About the Deployment Summary.

Before You Upgrade: Record Your Data Source Names

Before you upgrade to the SAS 9.2 Drivers for ODBC, record the information for each of your Data Source Names (DSN) that use the existing SAS driver. The following instructions describe how to record this information. Recording the information is important because the DSNs are removed when the driver is uninstalled, and also when the driver is installed.
After you record this information, uninstall the older version of the SAS driver and then upgrade to the new release. In the event that the driver is installed without uninstalling the previous version or that older DSNs are not accessible with the new driver, delete the DSNs, the associated servers, library references, and then re–create them.
Follow these steps:
  1. Access the Windows Control Panel by selecting Startthen selectSettingsthen selectControl Panel.
    Find the ODBC Data Sources or the ODBC Administrator icon. This icon might be located in the Control Panel group, an ODBC group, or in the Administrative Tools group. If you have installed a package of other ODBC drivers, this icon might be in a group that is associated with that package.
  2. Double-click the icon to open the ODBC Data Source Administrator dialog box.
  3. For each of the DSNs that use the SAS driver, follow these steps:
    1. Select the DSN and click Configure.
    2. Select each of the tabs and record the information so that you can use it to configure the DSNs with the new driver.
  4. Close the SAS ODBC Configuration dialog box and the ODBC Data Source Administrator dialog box.
  5. Use the Windows Add or Remove Programs utility to remove the old SAS ODBC driver.
  6. If you have other SAS software products installed on the machine, then run the SAS Deployment Wizard to apply maintenance.
  7. Install the SAS 9.2 Drivers for ODBC. The drivers are available in the following methods:
    • By running the SAS Deployment Wizard from a depot that includes the SAS Drivers for ODBC. You can run the wizard and choose the Install Additional Software option, or you can choose the Install SAS Foundation and Related Software option. This second option enables you to choose Clients only on the Select Products to Install page. For customers that are familiar with previous releases of SAS software, this is similar to the Clients CD Volume 1.
  8. Use the ODBC Data Source Administrator and the recorded information to recreate the DSNs. For more information about creating DSNs, refer to the SAS Drivers for ODBC: User's Guide.