About the Audit Files

Audit files identify all of the changes that occurred during an installation of a SAS maintenance release (such as the third maintenance release for SAS 9.2) or a product-specific maintenance release (such as SAS Text Miner 4.2_M1). The audit files list each file that was added, deleted, or replaced. All audit files are saved in the SAS-installation-directory/InstallMisc/InstallLogs/Maintenance directory.
For each SAS product that is updated in a maintenance release, there are two audit files:
  • product-identification_preexec.log lists all of the files that will be updated when you install the maintenance release.
  • product-identification_postexec.log lists all of the files that were updated when you installed the maintenance release.
In the filename, product-identification contains the 12–byte code of the SAS product that is associated with that audit file. To determine the name of the SAS product that is associated with a 12–byte code, you can generate a deployment registry report. For more information about how to generate this report, see SAS Note 35968 at http://support.sas.com/kb/35/968.html.
This report lists all of the SAS 9.2 products that are installed in the SAS installation directory. For example, if your deployment includes SAS Web Report Studio 4.2, then this report would include the following entry:
Host: wx6
Product Code: citationweb
Version: 4.2
Display Name: SAS Web Report Studio
Display Version: 4.2_M2
From this entry, you can determine that a product code of citationweb represents SAS Web Report Studio, so any audit files with “citationweb” in the filename are for SAS Web Report Studio.