hot fix
a software update that is based on customer-reported defects and that have a status of alert or high-priority, or that might affect a large number of customers. Hot fixes are coordinated by Technical Support and made available to customers on the hot fix download site.
object spawner
a program that instantiates object servers that are using an IOM bridge connection. The object spawner listens for incoming client requests for IOM services. When the spawner receives a request from a new client, it launches an instance of an IOM server to fulfill the request. Depending on which incoming TCP/IP port the request was made on, the spawner either invokes the administrator interface or processes a request for a UUID (Universal Unique Identifier).
planned deployment
a method of installing and configuring a SAS business intelligence system. This method requires a deployment plan that contains information about the different hosts that are included in the system and the software and SAS servers that are to be deployed on each host. The deployment plan then serves as input to an installation and configuration tool called the SAS Deployment Wizard.
SAS configuration directory
the location where configuration information for a SAS deployment is stored. The configuration directory contains configuration files, logs, scripts, repository files, and other items for the SAS software that is installed on the machine.
SAS Deployment Manager
a cross-platform utility that manages SAS deployments. The SAS Deployment Manager supports functions such as updating passwords for your SAS deployment, rebuilding SAS Web applications, and removing configurations.
SAS Deployment Wizard
a cross-platform utility that installs and initially configures many SAS products. Using a SAS installation data file and, when appropriate, a deployment plan for its initial input, the wizard is designed to prompt the customer for all the remaining input at the start of the session so that the customer does not have to monitor an entire deployment.
SAS installation directory
the location where your SAS software is installed. This location is the parent directory to the installation directories of all SAS products. The SAS installation directory is also referred to as SAS Home in the SAS Deployment Wizard.
SAS Management Console
a Java application that provides a single user interface for performing SAS administrative tasks
SAS Metadata Server
a multi-user server that enables users to read metadata from or write metadata to one or more SAS Metadata Repositories. The SAS Metadata Server uses the Integrated Object Model (IOM), which is provided with SAS Integration Technologies, to communicate with clients and with other servers.
update mode
an operating state of the SAS Deployment Wizard in which users are required to install software updates before they can perform any other deployment tasks. The SAS Deployment Wizard automatically goes into update mode when it determines that the current SAS order contains new versions or maintenance updates to the deployed products in a given SAS installation directory.