Sharing Tasks

About CTM and CTK Files

After creating a task, you might want to share it with other users at your site. Tasks can be saved as CTM files or CTK files. A CTM file contains the XML and Velocity code for the task. To create a CTK file, a user opens the CTM file, sets several roles or options in the task user interface, and then saves the task. For more information about how to create a CTK file, see Create a Task with Default Option Settings.
You can share CTM and CTK files by attaching these files to an email or saving these files in a network location.

Accessing a Task Created by Another User

To access a task that is created by another user in SAS Studio:
  1. Save the CTM or CTK file to your local computer. (This file could have been sent to you by email.)
  2. In SAS Studio, open the Folders section and click Upload button. The Upload Files window appears.
  3. Specify where you want to upload the files and click Choose Files to select a file.
  4. Click Upload.

Sharing a Task That You Created

If you save the CTM or CTK file to a shared network location, other users can create a folder shortcut to access the task from SAS Studio. The advantage to this approach is that you have only one copy of the CTM file.
To create a new folder shortcut, open the Folders section. Click New button and select Folder Shortcut. Enter the shortcut name and full path and click Save. The new shortcut is added to the list of folder shortcuts.