Create a Task with Default Option Settings

When you develop a task, you might want to include a default input data source or default option settings for the users at your site. In SAS Studio, you can save a task as a CTK file. When users at your site run this CTK file, they see your default settings.
Note: Before you can save a task, you must specify an input data set and all the options that are required to run the task.
To save a task:
  1. Click Save As button. The Save As window appears.
  2. Select the location where you want to save the task file. You can save this file in the Folders section or in your My Tasks folder. Specify a name for this file. For the file type, select CTK Files (*.CTK). Click Save.
Note: In the Tasks section, you are still working with this task. If you save the task again, the CTK file in the Folders section is updated.