Setting Configuration Properties

To set the configuration properties, you must edit the file in the configuration directory for SAS Studio. The location of this file depends on the edition of SAS Studio.
Edition of SAS Studio
Location of File
Mid-Tier (Enterprise)
Windows: Config\Lev1\Web\WebAppServer\SASServer1_1\sas_webapps\sas.sasstudio.war\config\
UNIX: Config/Lev1/Web/WebAppServer/SASServer1_1/sas_webapps/sas.sasstudio.war/config/
Windows: SASHome\SASStudioBasic\version\war\config\
UNIX: SASHome/SASStudioBasic/version/war/config/
Single User
Windows: SASHome\SASStudioSingleUser\version\war\config\
After editing the file, restart the web application server for the Mid-Tier (Enterprise) and Basic editions.By default, the SASServer2_1 is the web application server for the Mid-Tier edition, but this name could be different in your environment. SASStudioWebAppServer is the web application server for the Basic edition. For the Basic edition, also restart the SAS Object Spawner (called SASStudioSpawner) and the SAS Web Application Server (called SASStudioWebAppServer).
For the Single-User edition to shut down the embedded web application server, right-click Server Icon in the System Tray in the system tray and select Stop Server. Then restart by selecting Startthen selectProgramsthen selectSASthen selectSAS Studio 3.5 (n-bit). In this example, n is 32 or 64, depending on whether you have a 32-bit or 64-bit order.
Note: If you reinstall or reconfigure SAS Studio, any customizations in the file are lost. Before you upgrade to a new release of SAS Studio or reconfigure SAS Studio, record any changes that you made to the file. After you reinstall or reconfigure SAS Studio, you must edit the file again.
Last updated: May 9, 2017