What’s New in SAS/STAT 14.1

LOGISTIC Procedure

The LINK=ALOGIT option fits an adjacent-category logit model to ordinal response data.

The EQUALSLOPES and UNEQUALSLOPES options are available with all polytomous response models.

The ROCOPTIONS(CROSSVALIDATE) option in the PROC LOGISTIC statement creates ROC curves and computes the AUC by using cross validated predicted probabilities.

The ROCCI option in the MODEL statement produces the ROC association table for a single model.

You can control ROC titles and axis labels by using macro variables.

The ORPVALUE option in the MODEL statement displays p-values for odds ratios.

The METHOD=MCMC option in the EXACTOPTIONS statement implements exact logistic regression according to the method of Forster, McDonald, and Smith (2003).