What’s New in SAS/STAT 14.1

IRT Procedure

The generalized partial credit (GPC) model is available for ordinal items.

The ITEMSTAT option in the PROC IRT statement displays the classical item statistics table.

The IRT procedure supports the OUTMODEL= and INMODEL= options in the PROC IRT statement. The OUTMODEL= option enables you to create an output data set that contains the model specification. The INMODEL= option enables you to specify an input data set that contains information about the analysis model. The INMODEL(SCORE)= option enables you to score subjects in a new data set by using the parameter estimates from a previous analysis.

The XVIEWMAX and XVIEWMIN suboptions in the PLOTS= option specify the maximum and minimum values for the X axis. They can also be used as suboptions in the PLOTS=ICC, PLOTS=IIC, and PLOTS=TIC options.