What’s New in SAS/STAT 14.1

Highlights of Enhancements

Following are some highlights of the enhancements in SAS/STAT 14.1:

  • The BCHOICE procedure allows varying numbers of alternatives in choice sets for logit models.

  • Exact mid-p, likelihood ratio, and Wald modified confidence limits are available for the odds ratio produced by the FREQ procedure.

  • The GLIMMIX procedure provides the multilevel adaptive Gaussian quadrature algorithm of Pinheiro and Chao (2006) for multilevel models, which can greatly reduce the computational and memory requirements for these models with many random effects.

  • The GLMSELECT procedure supports the group LASSO method.

  • The IRT procedure fits generalized partial credit models.

  • The LIFETEST procedure performs nonparametric analysis of competing-risks data.

  • The LOGISTIC procedure fits an adjacent-category logit model to ordinal response data.

  • The MCMC procedure adds an ordinary differential equation (ODE) solver and a general integration function, enabling the procedure to fit models that contain differential equations (for example, PK models) or models that require integration (for example, marginal likelihood models).

  • The NPAR1WAY procedure performs stratified rank-based analysis for two-sample data.

  • The POWER procedure supports Cox proportional hazards regression models.

More information about the changes and enhancements follows. Details can be found in the documentation for the individual procedures in SAS/STAT User's Guide.