The TTEST Procedure

Common Notation

Table 119.5 displays notation for some of the commonly used symbols.

Table 119.5: Common Notation



$\mu $

Population value of (arithmetic) mean

$\mu _0$

Null value of test (value of H0= option in PROC TTEST statement)

$\sigma ^2$

Population variance

$\sigma $

Population value of standard deviation

$\gamma $

Population value of geometric mean


Population value of coefficient of variation (ratio of population standard deviation and population arithmetic mean)

$\alpha $

Value of ALPHA= option in PROC TTEST statement

$t_{p, \nu }$

pth percentile of t distribution with $\nu $ degrees of freedom (df)

$F_{p, \nu _1, \nu _2}$

pth percentile of F distribution with $\nu _1$ numerator df and $\nu _2$ denominator df

$\chi ^2_{p, \nu }$

pth percentile of chi-square distribution with $\nu $ df