Sashelp Data Sets

Coal Seam Thickness Data

The Sashelp.Thick data set simulates measurements of coal seam thickness (in feet) taken over an approximately square area. The variable Thick contains the thickness values. The coordinates are offsets from a point in the southwest corner of the measurement area, where the unit for the north and east distances is 1,000 feet. The following steps display information about the Sashelp.Thick data set and create Figure B.18:

title 'Coal Seam Thickness Data';
proc contents data=sashelp.Thick varnum;
   ods select position;

title 'The First Five Observations Out of 75';
proc print data=sashelp.Thick(obs=5);

Figure B.18: Coal Seam Thickness Data

Coal Seam Thickness Data

Variables in Creation Order
# Variable Type Len Label
1 East Num 8  
2 North Num 8  
3 Thick Num 8 Coal Seam Thickness

The First Five Observations Out of 75

Obs East North Thick
1 0.7 59.6 34.1
2 2.1 82.7 42.2
3 4.7 75.1 39.5
4 4.8 52.8 34.3
5 5.9 67.1 37.0