Sashelp Data Sets

Comet Data

The Sashelp.Comet data set provides information from the following experiment. Twenty-four male rats were divided into four groups. Three groups received a daily oral dose of a 1,2-dimethylhydrazine dihydrochloride in three dose levels (low, medium, and high, respectively); the fourth group was a control group. Three additional animals received a positive control. Cell suspensions for each animal were scored for DNA damage by using a comet assay (Ghebretinsae et al. 2013). The following steps display information about the Sashelp.Comet data set and create Figure B.8:

title 'Comet Data';
proc contents data=sashelp.Comet varnum;
   ods select position;

title 'The First Five Observations Out of 4,050';
proc print data=sashelp.Comet(obs=5);

Figure B.8: Comet Data

Comet Data

Variables in Creation Order
# Variable Type Len Label
1 Dose Num 8 1,2 Dimethylhydrazine dihydrochloride Dose Level
2 Rat Num 8 Rat Index
3 Sample Num 8 Slide Index of Grouped Cells from a Rat
4 Length Num 8 Tail Length of the Comet

The First Five Observations Out of 4,050

Obs Dose Rat Sample Length
1 0 1 1 15.3527
2 0 1 1 16.1826
3 0 1 1 14.9378
4 0 1 1 12.4481
5 0 1 1 12.8631